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5 Profound Inspirations Behind Blogging

Inspirations Behind Blogging

Inspirations Behind Blogging – Where It All Began

Here, I will discuss the inspirations behind blogging. I’m going to take you on a special journey that’s more than just the usual articles, tips, and strategies you find on this blog. We’re exploring the core purpose and motivation behind this blog.

When I first started this blog, it was more than just a place to share ideas, it was my way of trying to help creative individuals like myself who were going through personal and professional challenges. The blog has changed over time, but its main goal is still to empower, inspire, and guide.

This post is all about how this blog came to be, the struggles, the successes, and the things we’ve learned. I’ll also talk about what I’m passionate about and what I hope to achieve in the future. This post will dive into each section, sharing the unique stories and reasons behind creating this blog. We hope it connects with you personally and inspires you to keep growing and being creative.


Finding My Voice

Finding My VoiceWith so many opinions out there, finding your own voice can be overwhelming. I started my blog because I really wanted to share my own take on personal growth, especially through creative writing. It’s not just about sharing knowledge but about connecting with others who are on their own journey of self-discovery and growth. This is the story of how my personal experiences and the need to articulate my thoughts led me to launch this blog.

What motivated me to start blogging happened one night while working as an overnight doorman. At first, the idea was to discuss my time during my shift while focusing on writing and trying to get something published. Working as an overnight doorman boring and tiring. I did manage to find a routine and a sleeping schedule to work with but I felt very unhealthy doing so.

I founded a website which is no longer available about being a frustrated artist trying to make it big. The idea was to showcase what I’m learning every day to improve my life and my writing skills. But as soon as I founded the website and had to learn WordPress, I gave up and decided to just write and pray for the best.

Then a few years later, a couple of friends read my stories and had discussions with them about why I’m not getting published. I would make up reasons like I’m not good enough or I’m too shy to show my work, I’m just writing as a hobby. Really, I was making excuses.

After the failure to get my TV show sold or produced, I decided to convert the show into an anthology series. That is Deadly Sins. But how will people know about my book? I had to create a website to start advertising. So I did. After relearning everything about building a blog and a website which took me about two months, I launched January 21st, 2022.

Before launching, I was very scared to be judged about my work. Instead, I was met with overwhelming support. This help me continue to push my blog to go further.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming ObstaclesEvery writer faces their own set of fears and obstacles, but the choice to confront them can lead to profound growth. My blog became a guiding light for others facing similar challenges, providing both answers and support. Here, I talk about the fears that used to hold me back, how I faced them, and how this journey changed my life and the content I make.

One of my biggest fears was that no one was going to like what I wrote or even worse criticize me. I don’t want to be told that I’m not good enough to write, go find another hobby. I don’t believe anyone is better than others when it comes to art. Any kind of artform is subjective and I had to believe that with my own writing. It might be liked by some and hated by others. This is the reality we live in. Just own it and move on.

Another fear was losing the motivation to continue. There were days like this. I didn’t want to write a post, or edit a story, or fix a page. Anything I scheduled that day, I would look for an excuse not to do them. However, not doing anything that day or being lazy will not help me improve in my work. There were times when I doubted people even cared what I spoke about. I had to learn that as long as I love what I do and be consistent, my work will eventually find its audience.

Inspiring Creatives

Inspiring CreativesI strongly believe in the power of creativity, so I made a space for writers to tap into their creative side and grow personally. In this part, I talk about why empowering creatives is so important to me and how it’s the main focus of my blog.

Personal development is important for us as humans. We need to improve in anything we do and be better than who we were the previous day. To be stagnant is depressing. I never liked not doing anything or not learning. It is essential that I must learn new things as it helped me feel not only better about myself, but also provides new writing material for the future. Knowledge is key to become a better writer. The only way to build knowledge is to learn and from there improves your development.

Writing my book helped me with my personal development for sure. My book showcases the seven deadly sins correlation with mental illnesses. However, having a degree in forensic psychology wasn’t enough to help me write this. I still needed to do some researching on specific mental disorders I wanted to showcase. However, it started to take a toll on me, I started feeling burned out and thought no one was going to buy the book. Deadline was near and I barely had the stories done. I underestimated how long it would take to write the book and pushed the deadline another year.

Biggest lesson I learned is not to put a deadline or release date without knowing for sure if the manuscript will be ready by then. I also learned how to do better research and feeling more confident about the stories I was writing.

Evolving with My Blog

Evolving with My BlogJust as people evolve, so does a blog. My blog has evolved over time, showing how I’ve grown and how creativity has changed. This evolution has transformed the blog into what it is today, with lots of lessons learned and changes made. Here, I’ll talk about how my blog has changed and the important moments that shaped it.

When I first started this blog, I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about or showcase to people. All I knew was I want to help aspiring writers to finish their stories and get them published. I wanted to motivate people and help them understand how important it is to write.

The original design and layout of this blog was much different. It was much simpler which I did not like but it was a start. After publishing my book, and people started taking me seriously as a writer, I wanted to revamp the entire website which took me about two weeks to fix. After I relaunched, I started taking blogging seriously and was met with traffic. I noticed that posting often lead to more engagement with my website.

Then I started learning social media marketing, specifically Pinterest and using Tailwind to help schedule my posts. Then I opened up my e-commerce which opened the doors to show off my graphic art skills. From there, I started understanding business and marketing while I was providing writing tips and lessons. However, I did notice that people are more engaged with my genre posts which is also amazing as I love genre writing.

So, I will continue to provide content that my readers like.

Dreams and Aspirations

Dreams and AspirationsThe future is full of exciting prospects for a blog focused on growth and creativity. I’m stoked about the dreams and goals that drive me and the amazing community that’s formed around this blog. In this section, I’ll share my hopes for the blog’s future, like new topics and ideas I can’t wait to dive into.

This blog is still growing and I’m continuing to learn new things. I plan on posting more genre content, specifically getting into more details about popular subgenres. I also want to explore themes in stories and have a section specifically for that. I also want to provide literary resources and give more detailed Information on these examples.

Basically, my website will be eventually what a language arts website would look like except I will make it more easily accessible and navigate. I don’t want to make things look boring as I provide imagery to examples to give each page their own little personalities.

However, one of my biggest goals is to showcase Arabic and Middle Eastern writing. I noticed not a lot of people I know have read any of these rich texts provided by some of the most prominent Arabic writers we have today. I, myself, come from a Lebanese background and I feel I would do a disservice if I don’t mention any of these wonderful writers.

Benefits of Blogging

Enhancing Website Traffic and SEO

Blogging significantly boosts your website’s visibility on search engines. Each blog post represents a new page on your website, giving search engines more content to index and more opportunities for your site to appear in search results. Regularly updated blogs filled with high-quality content based on strategic keywords can attract organic traffic—visitors who find your site by searching for topics you’ve written about. This not only increases your site’s discoverability but also helps in building your authority online by covering topics relevant to your industry​ (Simple Marketing Now)​.

Building Relationships and Community Engagement

Blogs offer a platform for interaction and community building that goes beyond traditional communication methods. By allowing comments and facilitating discussions, blogs create a community around shared interests or industries. This interaction can enhance customer loyalty and engagement by making users feel part of a larger conversation. It also provides businesses with direct insights into their audience’s preferences and needs, fostering a deeper connection and understanding between the business and its customers​ (Weblium)​.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is very important for personal and business growth. It helps with website traffic, SEO, community engagement, and more. If you’re a solo creator or a business looking to expand your reach and connect with your audience, a blog is the perfect platform to express your vision and engage with others.

Blogging isn’t only about making content, it’s about making opportunities. Opportunities to educate, to inspire, and to engage. It’s incredible how words can change the world when they’re shared. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for success. One way to stand out and build credibility is by maintaining an engaging and well-thought-out blog.

Whether you’re a beginner or wanting to rejuvenate your current blog, keep in mind that every post you write is more than mere words on a screen. It serves as a bridge that connects you to numerous individuals, with each interaction leading to opportunities for personal and professional development. Make your blog a reflection of your passion and professionalism, always growing with each post you write.