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Short Stories

Short stories

This is a collection of short stories along with a description of the genre. I will upload some more in the future. Enjoy!

The Devil’s Disciple – Selling Your Soul: The Art of the Faustian Deal

Black Winter – An Exploration of Werewolf Folklore and Gothic Horror

The Biggest Fight – Sports in Storytelling: The Power of Triumph, Discipline, and Humanity

The Purification Room – Writing Psychological Horror about Trauma and Mental Illness

Never Be Able – Catholicism as a Symbol: A Modern Take on Cain and Abel

Wake – Writing a Flash Fiction in Less Than an Hour: Crafting Themes and Synopses on a Whim

Toxic Eden – Using Religious Undertones in Modern Storytelling

Better Safe Than Sorry – Respectfully Portraying Psychological States in Storytelling

Judging Others – Using Flash Fiction and Real-Life Experience: The Effectiveness of a Quick Story to Learn Lessons

Paralyzed – The Art of Flash Fiction in Horror: Evoking Chills in Few Words

Onryō – J-Horror: Unveiling the Haunting World of Vengeful Spirits

The Client – Non-Fiction Becomes Fiction: The Art of Exaggeration in Storytelling

How To Pay Your Debts – Embracing the ‘You’: Short Stories in Second-Person

Also, please click on the Reedsy banner below and show love to the stories that I submitted for competition!

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