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Weave Words Teal Text Framed Poster


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Introducing Weave Words teal text, a framed poster that celebrates the intricate craft of storytelling. Designed for writers, poets, and dreamers, this artwork embodies the enchantment of weaving words into captivating tales. Each thread of text is an invitation to explore, to lose oneself in the labyrinth of narrative spun from the writer’s loom.

Printed on exquisite canvas-like paper and ensconced in a choice of elegant frames, this poster is more than a decoration—it’s a tribute to the magic of writing. Hang it in your creative space as a source of inspiration or gift it to a fellow wordsmith to honor their craft.

Key Features:

Elegant Artistry: Flowing script and structured serifs converge, mirroring the harmony between creativity and craft in writing.

Inspiring Imagery: A subtle, artistic web that captures the essence of story-weaving, inviting viewers to find their thread within.

Timeless Material: The canvas-inspired backdrop sets the stage for a lasting piece, as enduring as the stories it aims to inspire.

Ready for Display: Equipped with a sturdy hanging kit, this framed poster is prepared to adorn and inspire in any writer’s sanctuary.

Drape your walls with Weave Words teal text framed poster and let it be a daily reminder that the stories you create have the power to hold hearts and minds in a spell of awe, just as a web holds dew in the light of dawn.

Size Table:

11″ x 14″
Width, in 11.00
Height, in 14.00
Black & White frame thickness, in 1.50
Walnut frame thickness, in 2.00
Outside frame width, in 1.00
Inside depth/rabbet, in 0.75



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