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Mind-Bridge Storyteller Ceramic Mug 11oz


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Delve into the essence of storytelling with the ‘Mind-Bridge Storyteller Ceramic Mug,’ a unique embodiment of the power of stories to connect us. This 11oz white ceramic mug is adorned with the poignant quote, ‘Stories are bridges between minds,’ rendered in the timeless Garamond font. The captivating design features a bridge seamlessly linking two vividly colored brains—one green and one magenta—highlighting the bridge stories create between diverse minds through the universal symbol of a central book.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality White Ceramic: Crafted for durability, ideal for daily use by thinkers, writers, and story enthusiasts.
  • Inspirational Design: The elegant Garamond font quote and symbolic bridge between brains illustration inspire creativity and connection with every sip.
  • Comfortable and Functional: With rounded corners and a C-handle, it offers a comfortable grip and enjoyable drinking experience.
  • Perfect Size: The 11oz capacity (0.33 l) is just right for coffee, tea, or your favorite warm beverage, supporting your moments of reflection or creation.

Designed for dreamers, thinkers, and anyone who believes in the transformative power of stories, this mug serves as a daily reminder of the connections forged through shared narratives. Whether you’re gifting it to a story lover or adding it to your collection, the ‘Mind-Bridge Storyteller Ceramic Mug’ is a celebration of the invisible yet strong bonds that stories weave between us all.


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