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Deadly Sins Recap – 1-Month Post-Publication

Deadly Sins Recap

Deadly Sins Recap – One Month Post Publication

Here is the Deadly Sins Recap!

It’s been a little over a month since I published Deadly Sins. The amount of attention I received on it was overwhelming, to say the least. Many people I knew in my life understood how long I have been longing for this to happen. The response from them was more than a blessing. Thanks to my peers and new fans, I am now looking forward to writing more books.

To be honest, my goal was to publish Deadly Sins, and that’s it. I wanted to explore other ventures, like game designing and development. (I am learning as we speak). It’s been another passion of my mine ever since I was a kid. I also make pixel art and basic pixel animations. But these are just fun little hobbies. I have to keep myself busy.

However, Deadly Sins was full of learned lessons. The adventure was meaningful and well-worth it. It has helped me develop workbooks to help writers and those who want to learn how to write stories. My intention is to frequently release workbooks that cover a variety of genres as well as holidays and seasons. I think there are countless of ideas we can work on and I look forward to sharing them.

I’d like to discuss what has been going on with me during the month post-publication of Deadly Sins.


I have been working on my e-commerce

Launching into the e-commerce world felt like sending a piece of my heart out into the universe. I have dabbled on Print-on-Demand to produce products with my own design. I have decided to brand my publishing company and expand it to something much more. The product themes will cater to writers, readers, educators, and any relations.

I’ll be selling mugs, framed posters, shirts, and other accessories. You can check out my SHOP to find some products you might like. Best of all, I provide free shipping!

If you are interested in how I make my designs and what I did, I have created a blog post on Printify, the site that has allowed me to produce these products to sell.

Writing newer long form stories

I am currently working on a few stories. One is a fantasy horror novella which will be no more than a hundred pages, 60,000 words max. I’ll be making an announcement soon about this in the next month or so.

The planned release date is by the end of the year during the holidays.

I am also working on a novel that would exceed about 100,000 words. Out of my entire life writing, this would be my longest ever attempt at writing a story. I have never thought about writing an entire novel because I love short story formats much more. However, after the immense support I received after publishing Deadly Sins, I decided to write this novel, Black Winter.

Black Winter is based on a screenplay I wrote with my brother Roy. He encouraged me to go on and write out the book version to get the story out there. I haven’t really thought about it, but it was an excellent idea. As I was writing out the concept and chapter outlines, there was so much more to talk about than I could provide in a screenplay. So much more hidden details I can explore. More backstory with more chapters.

The planned release date will be by 2026.

I look forward to sharing this with everyone.

If you’re interested in the details of the genre and short story, CLICK HERE!

Working on producing genre workbooks

I created a series called Story Prompts. It is a genre series that focuses on a specific genre with ten of its subgenres. I discuss key elements along with notable influences of the subgenre. Each subgenre discussed has a story prompt that provides pages of lines to write out the story. This is a practice workbook whenever you feel lost in writing and should help reignite your creativity.

The idea to produce genre workbooks came when I blogged about Genres. I love genre writing and I think every writer starting out should test the waters with other genres as well. Who knows, you may be a big fan of horror, but you can write romance so much better.

The idea is to get writers to diversify in their writing. Every other month, I plan to release a new genre workbook, along with seasonal and holiday genres as well.

Check out my story prompts on Romance and Comedy!

Plans on creating digital planners to help with organizing

One of the biggest issues we have as writers is procrastinating and being disorganized. What I want to do is help writers reorganize their thoughts so that they can finish their stories. There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted while writing. It’s even worse when we spend time invested in our craft only to never finish it. That’s where the digital planners come in.

These planners will help reorganize your thoughts, but it’s only the first half of it. The next half is to actually follow through with your plans. So, after you type up your plans for the day, week, and/or month, you’ll print it out and have it placed in an open area where you can see it first thing. That could be on a corkboard like how I have it, or over your office desk, on the fridge, in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s visible and it helps remind you of your tasks.

It applies not only to writers, but I’ll be making planners for all types of people trying to avoid distractions. It could help organize your day, what tasks need to be done and so on. But for writers, it’ll be more detailed. I’ll have planners on timeline getting your story done, or daily tasks that need to be done in order to finish your story, or how to organize the time to write and for how long. Also, word count goals that needs to be achieved.

There will be different writer planners, such as organizing your concept for your story, a weekly schedule of when a story or part of the story should be complete.

The only reason I got my book Deadly Sins done was because I organized my time on a weekly basis, what time realistically I should work on the story and for how long. I must stop at a certain time only because it’ll help me avoid burnout, which is not something you want.

In fact, I think being burned out is worse than writer’s block. But remember, the deadline doesn’t care whether you have writer’s block, there are ways to adjust. Being burned out may require times of rest, which can be detrimental to your deadline and goals. It decreases motivation far worse than writer’s block ever could. This is in my opinion, as I experienced it countless times.

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Writing more articles and increase traffic on my website

One of the one most important things needed to help maintain the health of my website is to post more articles. Consistency is key to a healthy and trustworthy website. The main goal is to educate other writers, provide as much motivation and inspiration as possible, and to sell products. In order to do that, I need to be posting much more articles AND make them SEO friendly.

Back when I first opened this blog in 2022, I did not know what I was doing. I was writing articles once a week, barely if anything. Content was subpar and somewhat useful, but I didn’t see growth or any motivation. Barely people clicked on my page and my articles were mostly left in the dark.

It wasn’t until much later. I reignited my passion to write my book and to take my writing career much more serious because this is something in my blood I cannot let go of. I just enjoy writing and even while writing this piece. There’s nothing more powerful than reading and writing. These are skills every human being should have. Unfortunately, I heard not many people read or write. It blew my mind because that is dangerous. Without basic understanding of what reading and writing, things can get catastrophic.

I don’t mean to sound like it’s the end of the world, but especially in this country of America, we have a grand opportunity to learn the basics of reading and writing. It helps make you more articulate and a better speaker. It is essential for human nature to help communicate better with each other.

I definitely plan on writing an article on that alone and the importance of it.

For me, consistency will help me build traffic so that way I can start earning more money and make an honest living by doing so.

What’s better than getting paid for doing something you love?

Utilizing Pinterest, Meta, and TikTok

Social media has taken over pretty much everywhere. I already have an Instagram account, but it’s not getting enough hits. I started focusing on Pinterest because this is where I heard I can build more traffic for my website. I have made some Pinterest posts, but I have very little followers. It still needs some time.

Speaking of which, I also created a Meta account for the first time since 2017, where I closed my account for good. It was very distracting for me and I found no use of it. But now, I have every use for it for my brand and business. I created an account for Mark El-Ayat Publishing and will join some communities to help build my brand.

Another social media account that blew up is TikTok. Now, I was highly against making one, only because of the addictive factor it produces. However, I found a way to use this platform to educate many. Since TikTok is the biggest social platform so far, I’ll be using this to my advantage to reach out to a wider range of people. I plan to make quizzes that’ll go for about a minute and a half. They will be Language Arts and Literature quizzes. I’ll have basic and advanced quizzes and hopefully I’ll get people to come to my website to learn more about the beauty of literature.

Stay tuned.

Mark El-Ayat Publishing Future and Final Thoughts

Many good things happened so quickly. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop and take a break. I still have a long way to go before actual success. That being said, the future is looking bright so far. I got my first book published. I revamped my website for a cleaner and organized look. I am very motivated to provide more articles, more workbooks, and build my social networking.

I am very excited about my upcoming books, which I think you’ll enjoy as much as you did with Deadly Sins. So many new doors have opened, but I am taking my time until I feel very comfortable about how operations work towards my company and brand.

While it is safe to say that things are looking good, I still need a lot to learn in order to become fully successful as a writer and be involved in this industry. I try my best to learn from the many mistakes other writers have made and try to put my ego to the side when it comes to success.

We will see as the journey is still pushing through. Until then, keep reading, keep writing.