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Before diving into the intriguing world of Deadly Sins, let me clarify I am not a psychologist by profession. I graduated with a forensic psychology degree, which fueled my exploration. This series looks into mental illnesses, using Dante’s Purgatory as its source of inspiration. My goal is to educate rather than offend those affected. As someone who battled major depressive disorder and ADHD, my connection to mental health makes this endeavor both personal and educational.

How it all started?

Around 2018, while crafting a script for a competition alongside my brother Roy, Dante’s Divine Comedy caught my attention on Wikipedia. This inspired us to incorporate aspects of the epic poem into our script.

Simultaneously, I was going through the DSM-V, the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, to develop a character with antisocial personality disorder accurately. From there, I happen to find a connection between Wrath and APD which was surprisingly interesting. It opened up more possibilities for linking mental disorders to the seven sins.

But keep in mind, I am NOT correlating mental disorders with the sins. It’s what caused the disorder. For example, in the story of Greed, the main protagonist will suffer from Gambling Disorder and the sin that caused it is sports betting, poker, and buying an excessive amount of scratch-offs.

Deadly Sins front cover

Deadly Sins front cover made by Mark El-Ayat

Deadly Sins presents an enthralling anthology of seven stories, each intricately woven around a different sin. These narratives plunge readers into a captivating exploration of the human psyche, where temptation and its repercussions take center stage.

The Creative Process of DEADLY SINS

From that moment on, my research journey began. I wrote a TV pilot, using Lust as the lead story, along with a TV Bible to pitch to producers. Unfortunately, it didn’t take off, but I knew it had potential. However, I redirected my focus on to other projects, particularly screenplays.

My intention was to sell the idea to Netflix or Hulu, but that was unrealistic because they don’t take unsolicited material. It didn’t matter how good the writing was. I was a nobody. 

Can’t get upset about it.

But there was something about “Deadly Sins” that refused to be ignored. It kept calling me back, knowing there was something to be learned from it.

Abnormal psychology has always fascinated me, but so does psychology in general. Every day, I take a deep dive in learning something new about the complexities of the human brain.

It’s that interesting! I suggest everyone takes at least one or two courses in psychology as electives in their respective colleges and universities.

In fact, I went to John Jay College intending to become a psychologist. I already had a BA in forensic psychology, so I was going to apply for an MA in the same major and then apply for the PsyD. But when I applied, I saw I had English courses done and due for another degree that’ll take a year.

So, I majored in English for another BA. instead.

Now, after improving my writing skills thanks to the amazing professors there, I made a blog to promote my self-publishing journey while helping others who are struggling with their writing.

Thanks to this, I converted the TV series of Deadly Sins into an anthology book.

I believe in this project and I believe people will have a higher appreciation for psychology after reading it.

From Series to Anthology

My passion for psychology and storytelling led me to transform the Deadly Sins TV series into an anthology book. Doing it in this format will allow me to bring awareness to mental health on a broader scale.

As I set forth on my self-publishing journey, my belief in the power of this project deepened. I expect readers will find these stories not only entertaining but also gain valuable insight into mental illness.

Heartfelt Clarification

Once again, I want to clarify that Deadly Sins is not intended to offend anyone suffering from mental illness. My goal is to teach those who may not have a complete understanding of these conditions. I stand in solidarity with those battling mental health challenges, as I, too, faced my own. I am forever grateful for the unwavering support of my family and friends and believe we share interconnected journeys.

We can learn, grow, and empathize together.

So, join me on this journey as we discover and understand ourselves, where the captivating world of “Deadly Sins” unfolds before your eyes. Let’s explore psychology, storytelling, and self-awareness together and create a bond beyond words. Our exploration will end with a newfound appreciation as we unite to unravel the complexities of the human mind.

For more information on each story, click on the following links you’re interested in.








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