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Black Winter – From Screenplay to Short Story to Novel

Black Winter promo

Black Winter

From Screenplay to Short Story to Novel

The project of Black Winter was a project that has developed alongside my brother Roy and me. This project took us almost ten years, starting as a screenplay, then a short story, and finally becoming a novel. It’s proof that we never gave up and that we love telling stories.

The planned release date for this novel is Q4 2026. It will be the first of a trilogy.


The Origins

Black Winter was a passion project created during endless nights and weekends. Roy and I put in years to create this screenplay we planned to direct. Life’s unexpected chaos caused us to set the script aside, and we couldn’t stop thinking about it as it gathered dust.

This screenplay was our heart and soul, a narrative that became a part of our every day. We couldn’t stop quoting lines, reminiscing about scenes, and bonding over this hidden gem.

A New Chapter

The release of Deadly Sins marked a turning point for me. After five years of research and a whirlwind of creativity, the book’s reception was nothing short of overwhelming. I was so blown away by the love and support I got from my social media community that it made me want to keep creating.

Roy thought it would be cool to turn Black Winter into a novel. The short story version was just the start, taken from one scene of our screenplay. This book is gonna have it all – a thrilling story and amazing character development.

The Heart of Black Winter

Black Winter tells the story of two brothers dealing with their struggling construction business in the middle of a massive snowstorm in New York. Then, one day, one of the brothers swipes a map to a hidden treasure from some dangerous criminals, putting them into a world of danger, dark magic, and sibling rivalry. This story mixes gothic elements with modern-day struggles, making it a thrilling blend of horror, humor, and adventure. Think the adventurous vibe of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with the gothic charm of Sleepy Hollow.

Inspirations and Aspirations

My creative vision is heavily influenced by the gothic genre and the iconic films that have inspired me. Black Winter mixes horror and adventure, inspired by these influences, to tell a story that’s thrilling and emotionally powerful. This story was heavily influenced by the film Black Sunday, hence the title.

This summer, I’m gonna share a sneak peek of this world and invite you into the mysterious universe of Black Winter. Converting a screenplay into a novel is not just about switching formats, but completely reimagining a story that demands to be told.

For more information about how the film Black Sunday influenced this story, check out the short story page of Black Winter.

Cover of Black Winter

The cover of Black Winter is a sneak peek into the spooky tale waiting for you. The design is all about capturing the essence of the novel’s dark and icy heart.

At first glance, the cover is shrouded in the deep blues and blacks of a cold winter night, a setting that mirrors the stormy backdrop of our story. The title, Black Winter, in the Cardo font, is boldly displayed at the top. The letters have blood dripping down, forming into icicles, emphasizing the potential violence or conflict. This chilling detail combines the cold with the creepy, suggesting that the story mixes gothic horror with the freezing, harsh winter.

Black Winter

The design is centered around this incredible gemstone, giving off a haunting glow that cuts through the darkness. This is one of the key treasure our protagonists seek, but not without cost. Splatters of blood across the gem’s facets whisper tales of danger, and the lengths to which one might go for wealth and power.

Black Winter is a novel waiting to unfold. Stay tuned for the first chapter release this summer and prepare to be ensnared in the storm of adventure, horror, and suspense.

Final Thoughts

Black Winter is a passion-filled project that has evolved through different creative stages, and the cover is a vivid window into the novel’s soul. It’s like the creepy silence of snow mixed with the adrenaline rush of danger, all in one picture. As I keep writing, I feel so grateful for the support of readers and how we’re all excited about the full story. Come along on this adventure, let the cover grab your attention, the synopsis pull you in, and the upcoming chapters keep you hooked.

If you want to read the short story of Black Winter and get an idea of the context, check it out here.