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About Me


Mark El-Ayat

About Me

I’m Mark El-Ayat, a Lebanese-American born and raised in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York. My development of being a passionate writer and storyteller didn’t happen on my own. It started during high school, where an English teacher helped ignite an appreciation for the art of reading and writing.

He opened my mind that reading books wasn’t just written for fun, but had a deeper meaning as he broke them down page by page. Then one day, he gave us an assignment to write a short story which unlocked parts of my brain I never thought would open.

It was then that my literary aspirations skyrocketed, and I became fully committed to writing engaging short stories and screenplays.


I attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where I earned a BA in Forensic Psychology in 2017 and a BA in English in 2022. This fusion of forensic psychology and English studies gives my writing a deeper perspective and helps me to comprehend the complexities of the human psyche.


Besides writing, I have a variety of interests and hobbies. A cinephile at heart, I lose myself in the captivating world of movies. My favorite genres range from psychological thrillers that keep me on the edge of my seat to comedies that will make me forget about the bad day I had.

Another art form I enjoy is video games. I’ll play retro games like Super Metroid or Super Mario to modern RPGs like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Been immersing myself with Tears of the Kingdom and play competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Speaking of being competitive, I enjoy playing billiards and bowling with my brothers, who I see as my best friends. But when it comes down to anything competitive, we almost forget we’re related.

My Pets

The chill and patient pit-bull mix, Hercules, is named after the Arabic hero, 3ntar, and is known for his remarkable strength and loyalty. Lucy, a tiny chihuahua, stands beside him, concealing her feisty personality. The unconditional love they offer is what drives me to work hard so I can provide them with the best life.

Favorite Books

There are countless books that I read and I’m always adding new favorites. In my opinion, the best dystopian book that I thoroughly enjoyed is George Orwell’s 1984. This is the book that introduced me to George Orwell, who is a very interesting writer. I also suggest reading Animal Farm. These stories are very relevant to today.

It wouldn’t be fair not to add any of Stephen King’s novels such as It or Thinner. Even his short story collections Nightmares and Dreamscapes. He is a true master in the art of horror mixed with humanity.

Another master in the horror genre is Edgar Allan Poe, whose countless stories I constantly read.

Favorite Movies

As a storyteller, I find inspiration in the art of filmmaking, where stories come to life with every frame. I have always been a movie buff, but even more so today. Also, I’m adding new favorites every year.

Alan Parker’s Angel Heart was the beginning of my fascination with stories about dealing with the devil that I wrote my own version called The Devil’s Disciple. Then I read The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benét. I discovered the story was based on Washington Irving’s The Devil and Tom Walker, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Not to leave this out of the detail, but the film Angel Heart was adapted by William Hjortsberg “Falling Angel,” a book I read one too many times.

Let’s not forget about the king of psychological thrillers, another adaptation, The Silence of the Lambs directed by Jonathan Demme. This is the film that really got me into the genre. It was adapted by Thomas Harris’ book published in 1988.

A classic psychological thriller and inspiration to my writing, David Fincher’s dark masterpiece, Seven. Now this movie dances around the themes of justice between good and evil and what’s moral and immoral.

Speaking of morality, Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners goes deep into human morality with gripping intensity.

I cannot forget about my childhood movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit directed by Robert Zemeckis. As a kid, I remember thinking that the cartoons were actually real and performed with living actors. There was something truly profound about the innocence that comes with being a child. Storytelling is truly magical in its ways.

Debut Book: Deadly Sins

As my writing journey develops, I’m thrilled to share with you my debut book, Deadly Sins

This anthology series comprises seven captivating stories, each delving into the seven deadly sins. I draw on Dante’s Divine Comedy to highlight the sins associated with mental illnesses. The goal is to bring more awareness to mental health and destigmatize it. If you want to know more about it, please follow the link here.

Final Thoughts

My blog is a window into the heart and soul of a writer, dreamer, and seeker of profound truths, and I hope you can connect with it. Through storytelling, we’ll explore the rich landscapes of imagination and humanity.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of literary creativity.